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REPORT ON Tourism management JUST SENT EMAIL Important points to remember Define tourism, Understand the Tourism, Explain the Features of tourism, A tourist, tourist product and destination, Types of tourism 1.Define tourism. Why is it different from travel? 2.Why is tourism called a phenomenon in modem society? 3. What are the essential feature of
RESEARCH METHODOLOGY OF TOURISTS Why should we know the habits, hobbies etc. of tourists? How does the knowledge of World tourism trends help in tourist development? Discuss the five major points to be explored in the Sociology of tourism List the methodologies adopted in studying the Sociology of tourism. What is the emphasis in the individual met
Tourism management DOMESTIC TICKETING , DESTINATION INDIA TOUR OPERATIONS , TRANSPORT AND ACCOMMODATION WITHIN INDIA , international tourism 1. Explain coding and decoding? Explain similarities between coding and decoding? 2 Explain the features of status and action codes? 3. Explain the Flight charts and Flight information in I
                  CABIN CREW QUESTIONS 1. Explain about the development of aviation industry in India . 2. Discuss the 24 hour clock and the implications of time differences. 3. What are the advantages of working as cabin crew ? 4. List out recruitment criteria for
GROUND HANDLING PAPERS 1. Describe the functional layout of airport. 2. Write brief notes on ground handling agencies. 3. Security arrangements in the airport. - Explain. 4. What are the procedures for mishandled luggage ? 5. Write short notes on : (i) Ticketing. (ii) Fares. 6. State the problems in cargo handling. 7. Describe the role and function
Monday, 27 June 2011 14:25 TRAVEL AND TOURISM Papers 1. Explain the organisation pattern followed in a hotel. 2. Write about the amazing growth and development of the hotel industry. 3.What are the different types of crockery and hallow ware ? 4. Elucidate the travel terminologies for ticketing and fare calculation. 5. Write a brief descriptions :
Monday, 13 June 2011 12:19 MBA PROJECT REPORT ON FINANCE JUST SENT EMAIL 1.Explain the evolution of global and Indian Financial Markets. Compare and bring out the similarities in the Evolution of these two. 2.Comment the mechanism and steps leading to Book Building Method. Discuss the process of pricing an issue in the Book Building Method. 3.Visit
Mass Communication Journalism and Mass Communication 1. Outline role and place of the Editor in a daily newspaper. 2. Critically evaluate the social impact of mass media. 3. Outline the role of traditional folk media in present time 4. Define "Ethics of journalism" giving suitable example 5. Discuss the key recommendation of the second Press Commis
REPORTING, WRITING 1.How 1egal reporting is different from general news reporting? 2.What are the basics of a good news script in Radio ? 3. To be a successful reporter one must possess some essential qualities. Enumerate and explain 4. What are the essential elements of court reporting ? How is it different from other catagories of reporting ? Exp
BROADCAST JOURNALISM 1. Explain the impact of new technologies on broadcasting in India . What are the benefits of Internet Broadcasting ? 2. How will you as a listener ? evaluate, the effectiveness of a Radio Programme ? Illustrate your answer with examples. 3. Describe the functions of mass communication with special reference to radio broadcasti
If you want any type of 3d , autocad or any help just sent email to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   3D ANIMATION   SOLVED  PAPERS 1. What is Image Stabilization ? Explain any one. 2.What is Back Story, how do you build a back story ? 3. What is Dolly, explain how is it done ? 4.Describe Grayscale and Bitmap Mode 5.Explain what is Mo
INTERNATIONAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1) Define marketing and explain its implications. Explain how marketing is different , from selling. 2) What are the marketing concepts? Explain the process of evolution of these concepts. 3) What is the consumer's place in modern marketing? 4) What is marketing mix? Explain the components of marketing mix. 5) Wha
International marketing management part 2 .35) As Today's organisations are facing international competition, advertisement plays more important role. Do you agree ? Explain the rationale behind international advertising. 36) Discuss the role of advertising in the international marketing process. 37) Compare the different approaches to budgeting fo
International Marketing Logistics 1) Define Marketing Logistics and explain its objectives. 2) What are the main activities involved in marketing logistics? Explain them briefly. 3) Why do you regard logistics as an important activity of marketing? Explain it with special reference to international trade. 4) "Difference between domestic and interna
International Marketing Logistics 25) (a) What do you understand by liner shipping? How does it differ from tramp shipping, (b) Outline the factors a shipper has to keep in view while selecting a liner vessel, 30) Enumerate the limitations of conventional ships and discuss how containerisation has helped in overcoming these constraints, 31) Describ
Export Import   Procedures  and Documentation 1. Describe the major acts related to the   foreign trade   in India . 2. Explain the   procedures  of registration formalities and export licensing. 3. Describe the general provisions for exports and imports. 4. Explain the major provisions of exports. 5. Describe the majo
Export Import  Procedures and Documentation details 31. What precautions should an exporter take while exporting under Letter of Credit arrangements ? 32. What is the method of realising payments under Documents Against Acceptance. 33. Discuss? How does it differ from that of Documents Against Payments? 34. Is it possible for an Indian exporte
Export   Import   Procedures   and   Documentation   61. Explain the kinds of losses. How these losses can be covered by the   cargo   insurance policy? 62. Explain   the features   of Open Cover Policy. 63. Distinguish between Open Cover and Open Policy. 64. What are the   responsibilities   o
Company law   1) Who are the directors of a company? How are they appointed? 2) Explain the rules regarding the number of directors and directorships. 3) Discuss the legal position of directors. 4) What restrictions have been imposed by the Companies Act in respect of appointment   of directors? 5)Explain the qualifications and disqualifi
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