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COMPANY   CASES   SOLVED /UNSOLVED 1.Reliance Limited wants to provide financial assistance to its employees, to enable them to subscribe for certain number of fully paid shares. Considering the provision of the Companies Act, 1956, what advice would you give to the reliance company in this regard? 2. Punj llyod company limited has only s
ICSI   BUSINESS LAW   Question Bank   part 1 1.(a) State, with reasons in brief, whether the following statements are correct or incorrect.   (i) A company cannot sue and be sued in its own name.   (ii) A bill which is drawn and accepted without consideration is called accommodation bill (iii) A person who does not invest o
ICSI   BUSINESS LAW   PART 2   1. (a) Distinguish between sale and hirepurchase   agreement . (b) "Once an instrument   passes   through the hands of a holder in due course, it is purged of all defects." Explain. (c) Write a note on contract over the telephone 2. (a) Distinguish between dissolution of partnership and d
Friday, 07 January 2011 18:22   FOUNDATION COURSE   IN TOURISM 1 Mention the role played by seasonality in tourism Answer with examples? 2 Discuss the various types of accommodation used by toruists ? 3 Write an essay on subsidiary services in tourism? 4 Mention the threats and obstacles to tourism in India . Give examples also? 5 What ro
TOURISM DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTS, OPERATIONS AND   CASE STUDIES 1 What are the methods of profiling tourists ? How does it help in promoting a destination ? 2 Discuss various types of   museums . How can they be used for educational purposes ? 3 Discuss the city of Mumbai as a tourism destination for different types of tourists? 4 Discuss the
MANAGEMENT IN TOURISM 1 Mention the skills required to be an entrepreneur ? 2 Define management. Discuss the various management iszues in tourism? 3 Define the {ollowing in about 100 words each : (i) Business   Traveller (ii) Balance   Sheet (iii) Projgct   Appraisal (iv) Controlling 4 Discuss   the steps   you would take t
INDIAN CULTURE : PERSPECTIVE FOR TOURISM 1 Discuss customs and rituals related to life cycle?   2 How can various archaeological sites in   India   be made attractive for the tourists ? 3 Critically examine the stylistic classification of music in   India   ? 4 Differentiate between Hindi cinema and regional cinema. Analyse
ECOLOGY, ENVIRONMENT AND TOURISM 1 Explain the meaning of Abiotic Environment with the help of appropriate examples? 2 Discuss the impact of tourism on environment and suggest measures to reduce adverse impacts ? 3 Write an essay on Responsible Tourism ? 4 What is Tourism Master Plan ? Explain. 5 Analyse critically the relationship between conserva
TOURISM MARKETING 1 Discuss the relevance of marketing in tourism Answer with examples? 2 What do you understand by international tourism markets ? Mention about some tourism markets for India . 3 Write an essay on socially responsible marketing Give examples also ? 4 What do you understand by product designing in tourism ? Can every tourism resour
HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT 1 What makes   career planning   a success ? 2 Write a note on counselling? 3 Discuss the reasons for employees' grievances.? 4 Why is employees' motivation required in a travel agency ? As a manager,   how will   you motivate the employees ? 5 Discuss on-the-job training methods? 6 Discuss the functio
BACHELOR OF EDUCATION ES-331 : CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION 1. Answer the following question in about 600 words. Define the term Curriculum. Explain the basic considerations in Curriculum planning. 2. Describe Instructional planning. What are the steps involved in it ? 3. Answer the following question in about 600 words. What are various strategies o
PSYCHOLOGY OF LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT 1. Answer the following in about 600 words. Clarify the concepts of growth and development. Discuss the role of a teacher in facilitating the growth and development of the   higher   secondary school students. 2. What do you mean by Cognitive Development ? Explain Piaget's theory of cognitive develop
EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION 1. Answer the following in about 600 words. Define `Evaluation' and discuss its relationship with `Measurement' and `Assessment' by giving suitable examples. 2. Distinguish between, norm-referenced' and ' criterion -referenced' tests with suitable examples. 3. Answer the following in about 600 words. Explain the concept and s
EDUCATION AND SOCIETY 1. "Education is not only preparation for life, it is synonymous with life." Discuss bringing out the definition and aims of education. 2.Discuss the role of community in education and its relationship with school as an agency of education. 3. Compare the ideas propagated by Naturalism, Idealism and Pragmatism with respect to
TEACHER AND SCHOOL 1. Answer the following in about 600 words. Explain the relationship between school and community. Specify the roles of parents and community in-the effective functioning of the school, with suitable examples. 2. What do you mean by `Management Processes' ? Explain the different management processes in the school. 3. What do you
TEACHING OF SCIENCE 1. Answer the following question in about 600 words. Illustrate instructional   objectives   for Science teaching under cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains, with examples. 2. What is meant by `Project' ? Explain the use,   advantages and disadvantages   of `Project method' for teaching of Science. 3.
TEACHING OF MATHEMATICS 1. Answer the following question in about 600 words. Discuss the need and importance of Mathematics in school curriculum. 2. Discuss the principles of formulating the Mathematics curriculum. 3. Answer the following question in about.600 words. Formulate   objectives , select learning experiences to teach any one of the
TEACHING OF   SOCIAL STUDIES 1. Answer the following in about 600 words : What is project work ? How will you organise project work in teaching   Social Studies  at   Secondary school   level   ? Discuss with example. 2. Differentiate between evaluation of cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes in   Social Studies.
TEACHING OF ENGLISH 1. What is the status of English language in the context of our Indian education system ? Discuss the role of the English teacher in this context giving suitable examples. 2. Out of the four skills of language, which one do you think is most important ? Give a reasoned answer bringing out the objectives of teaching English in In
EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY 1. Answer the following question in about 600 words. Define the term `Educational technology'. Describe its scope and noteworthy applications in the field of education in India , giving concrete examples from your experiences. 2. "The National Institute of   Open   Schooling (NIOS) is an apt example of an ET project
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