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1. Service sector has a significant contribution in growth of an economy. Do you
agree or not? Substantiate yours views.
2. Explain in details, how can the product life cycle (PLC) concept be
operationalised in a real life situation.
3. Why do customers switch service provider? Can you do anything as a marketer
to prevent the customers from switching?
Discuss the importance of location decisions for educational services.
4. Discuss pre - test marketing and test marketing with suitable examples. What
are the various steps will you undertake to test market for water filter designed
and targeted for institutions.
1. “A descriptive research design is formal and rigid whereas exploratory research
design is informal and flexible.” Explain this statement by using Indian examples.
2. Do you agree that data obtained through experiments are more valid and reliable
than through surveys and observations? Why or why not? Explain.
3. Prepare a questionnaire for studying the marketability of a hypothetical consumer
4. “Sampling error is an inherent part of the sampling process; it cannot be
eliminated.” What do you think about this statement? Do you agree or disagree?
1. Government of India would like to introduce ‘Battery Operated Passenger Car’ in
order to reduce the pollution and global warming but the fare may be high. As a
consumer diagnose the issue and state your attitude towards the fare.
2. As a consumer behaviourist, how do you identify, explore and assess the rural
consumer’s behavior with regard to fashionable products? Critically analyse
this statement.
3. Analyse and assess the consumer decision making process and bring out the
impediments while buying a high priced car like- Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce,
4. China is producing and selling low quality products at cheaper rate to India due
to the impact of globalisation. As a consumer, state your pros and cons of above
said issues.
1. Discuss the euro dollar market with international liquidity and role of SDRS.
2. Explain the different positioning strategies consider any four home appliance
items and discuss the positioning strategies adopted by the global marketers.
3. An international company is planning to introduce an ultra modern luxury car.
Suggest suitable marketing strategies to develop your sales in both Indian and
International Market. .
4. Discuss the cultures and ethical issues that affect the global trade with suitable
1. “Salesman should be assigned to that particular territory where his relative
contribution to profit is the maximum”. Discuss this statement and describe the
determinants of sales territory.
2. “The job of personal selling is not merely of booking orders” In the light of this
statement, describe the nature of the selling job and the process of selling in this
present competitive world.
3. As a marketing manager for a nondurable manufacturing company, what factors
would you consider and what process would you adopt to select a distribution
channel? Explain.
4. Some people opine that a middleman increases the cost of marketing, while
others praise it as it adds value to the product. How would you reconcile these
two opposite views?
1. Trace the path taken from organizational resources and organizational behaviour
to the development of strategic advantage.
2. In what way can timing and competitor reaction be crucial for a strategic choice?
3. Congruence and co-ordination among strategies should take place through
vertical and horizontal fit. Explain.
4. Companies should evaluate performance on the basis of a combination of
quantitative and qualitative criteria. Why? Discuss.
1. Give a detailed presentation on designing, developing and deploying the on-line
business system for textile industry.
2. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce in Indian Software
3. “EDI is not especially complex or convoluted, but many EDI projects fail when
responsibility is thrust wholly on the IT staff”. Discuss in detail.
4. Globalization has put increased pressure on organizations to operate at entirely
new level of effectiveness. This can be managed through application of BPR tools
to reduce procedures and the use of IT for effective decision-making. Present
your perspectives elaborately.
1. Consider the following research questions,
(a) How do the minority groups at a certain university view the students
counseling program?
(b) Examine the relationship between intelligence and creativity among the
(i) The type of research that would best answer the question
(ii) An appropriate sampling method
(iii) The best method of collecting the data.
2. Discuss the role of Regression analysis in business and industry. How are
Regression Coefficients helpful in analysing the Regression lines?
3. The mean weekly sales of soap bars in department stores were 146.3 bars per
store. After an advertising campaign, the mean weekly sales in 22 stores for a
typical week was increased to 153.7 and showed a standard deviation of 17.2.
Was the advertising campaign successful?
4. Prepare questionnaire for the following research problem.
“Identify the factors influencing recently married couples striking a divorce”

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