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1 What makes career planning a success ?

2 Write a note on counselling?

3 Discuss the reasons for employees' grievances.?

4 Why is employees' motivation required in a travel agency ? As a manager, how will you motivate the employees ?

5 Discuss on-the-job training methods?

6 Discuss the functions and operations of Personnel Management?

7 What is job analysis and job description ? Discuss their importance in an organisation?

8 Describe the phases in the design and implementation of a Human Resource Accounting System?

9 What are the approaches for effective Human Resource Information System ?

10 Discuss the concept and objectives of Human Resource Planning ?

11 What are the objectives of Human Resource Planning (HRP) ? Describe the micro and macro level Scenario of HRP in Hospitality Industry. Explain staff training and development. How are they different from each other ?

12 What do you understand by job Evaluation ? Describe its advantages.

13 Differentiate between Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory and Herzberg's Two factor Theory? 

14 What is career planning and how it differs from manpower planning ?

15 What do you understand by counselling functions ? Answer with suitable examples.

16 Describe performance appraisal. What are the different methods of performance appraisal ?

17 What is grievance ? What different methods can be adopted by an organisation to redress the grievances of it's employees ?

18 Define the term "Discipline". Explain its meaning and purposes?

19 Write about 300 words each on any two of the following :
(a) Transfer and promotion
(b) Selection Test
(x) Human Resource Audit
(d) Job enrichment

20 What is Human Resource Planning? Discuss its need in hospitality industry?

21 What are the diff erent manpower supply forecasting techniques?

22 Discuss the functions and operations of personnel management ?

23 What are the objectives of training and how it is useful for an otganrzation ?

24 Describe "Maslow's Need Hierarchy theory of Motivation" in detail?

25 Write an essay on the importance of Human Resource Planning?

26 What do you understand by Human Resource Audit ? Mention the steps required in it.

27 Discuss the various job evaluation methods ?

28 Discuss the functions of a Personnel Office ?

29 Write short notes on any of the following :
(a) Induction Placement.
(b) Job Analysis.
(c) Task Analysis.

30 How are motivation and career planning related to employee's efficiency and productivity ? Give examples while answering

31 Define the following : 
(a) Counselling.
(b)Job description.
(c) Human Resource Information System.
(d) Manpower Forecasts.

32 Why is on-the-job training essential in any service organisation ? Discuss its merits and demerits?

33 Devise a career plan for a management trainee in a leading travel or hospitality organisation?

34 Discuss the manpower supply forecasting techniques?

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