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International Marketing Logistics papers

International Marketing Logistics
25) (a) What do you understand by liner shipping? How does it differ from tramp shipping,

(b) Outline the factors a shipper has to keep in view while selecting a liner vessel,

30) Enumerate the limitations of conventional ships and discuss how containerisation has helped in overcoming these constraints,

31) Describe the advantages of containerisation to the shippers and the ship-owners. Also state its disadvantages, if any,

32) (a) What are the various types of marina containers? Describe the salient features of any two of them,

(b) You have 40 MT wheat in bags and 20 MT wheat in bulk. Indicate the type and . number of containers you would require.

33) Distinguish between:

. (a) Inter-modalism and Multi-modalism

(b) Inland container Depots and Container Freight Stations.

(c) Flat Pack Containers and Open Top Containers

34) "During the last three decades Multi-modal Transportation has made rapid progress". While commenting on the statement explain how has the multi-modal transportation benefited the movement of merchandise through Hinterland.

35) Explain the concept of land bridging and state its advantages in the Indian context.

36) Your factory is located at Hapur. You have received an order of full container load from your buyer in Los Angeles and the order is to be executed through the port of Mumbai. Detail off the routing and prepare a formal communication to your buyer , justifying the selection of routes made by you.

37) Describe the importance of national shipping as provider of logistics support to the foreign trade of a country.

38) Explain the objective's set out in the five year plans for the development of Indian shipping.
39)"The development of Indian shipping fleet from 1919 till date can be put into six phases." Discuss these phases in relation to the physical targets set in-each Five Year Plan and the policy pronouncements made by Government from time to time.

40)"Despite increasing volume of India's overseas trade over the period, the performance of Indian shipping has been rather disappointing." Comment on this , statement and discuss the constraints faced by Indian shipping industry.

41)"Indian shipping policy measures are aimed at the development of shipping fleet so as to attain self-reliance." Do you agree? Discuss how far has India been able to achieve the objectives set out in the shipping policy?

42) (a) Describe the role of Indian shipping as a net earner of foreign exchange.

43) Discuss the major concerns of the shippers and the ship owners in case of liner shipping,

44) What do you understand by the conference system in liner shipping operations. Explain its utility and the concept of pooling arrangements,

45) Discuss the basis principles and factors that govern the liner freight rates, Also specify the different elements added to basic freight rates to work out the final charges to be paid in case of break-bulk cargo.

46) Distinguish between

a) General Cargo Rates and Specific Cargo Rates

b) Open Rates and Advalorem Rates

c) Weight Ton and Measurement Ton

47) Discuss the various types of surcharges that are usually levied on the basic freight

48)What are the various ways in which a tramp may be chartered? Explain fully.

49) Describe the responsibilities of ship owners and the charterers under different forms of chartering arrangements.

50) Discuss the main clauses of voyage charter party and time charter party,

51) What are the various ways in which a tramp may be chartered? Explain fully.

52)Write short notes on :
(a) Productivity of Indian ports
(b) Privatisation of ports
(c) Need for corporatisation of ports and progress thereof
(d) Dredging Corporation' of India
(e) Joint Ventures

53) Keeping in view the traffic projections for ports sector, what are the provision made in the Ninth Five Year Plan for development of ports.

54) What is Maritime Fraud? State the various factors that lead to commitment of maritime frauds.

55)Enumerate the common areas where frauds and disputes normally take place in international marine transactions and commercial shipping, and state the common precautions to be taken by international buyers and sellers to prevent the possibilities of maritime frauds.

56) "The best way for vessel owners and charterers to avoid their involvement in incidents of fraud is to make the necessary enquiries as to the standing of the parties
they are dealing with, before entering into any binding commitment," Discuss.

57) Outline the role of International Chamber of Commerce in preventing and restricting the maritime frauds.

58) Discuss the various activities and services provided by international Maritime Bureau.

59) Enumerate the matters of common interest for consultation and describe the role or Liner Code in encouraging meaningful consultations with shippers.

60) What do you understand by the institutional arrangements for resolving shippers' problems. Discuss the measures that have been adopted in USA lo safeguard the interest of shippers.

61) Explain the salient features of Australian legislation for curbing unfair trade practices of carriers/conference,

62) Describe the consultation arrangements in India for resolving shippers' problems.

63) Shippers-Shipowners consultation arrangements in India leave much scope for improvement." Comment and suggest suitable measures for strengthening the same.

64) Write notes on the following :
a) US Shipping Act of 1916 and US Shipping Act of 1984
b) Australian Legislation on consultations in shipping
c) UN Liner Code.

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