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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 08:55

MS 8 JUNE 2015

Term-End Examination
June, 2015

1. The cost accountant of a company has derived 15the following expression relating total cost C to the number of units (x) of a product. C=1440 +125x + 0.1x2Find :
(a) The number of units (x) that will minimisethe average cost.
(b) The value of average cost and total cost corresponding to above number of units.
MS-8 1 P.T.O.
2. The residents of
Lucknow city were surveyed 15 recently to determine readership of newspapers available. 55% of the residents read the morning paper, 65% read the evening paper, and 30% read both newspapers. Find the probability that a resident selected reads either the morning or evening paper or both the papers.
3. In a factory, four workers are assigned to complete 15 an order received for dispatching 2000 boxes of a particular commodity. Worker A takes10 minutes per box, B takes 15 minutes per box,C takes 20 minutes per box and D takes 25 minutes per box. Find the average time taken per box by the group of workers.
4. An auto company decided to introduce a new six 15 cylinder car whose mean petrol consumption is claimed to be lower than that of the existing autoengine. It was found that mean petrol consumption for the 100 cars was 15 km per litrewith the standard deviation of 5 km per litre.Test for the company at 5% level of significance whether the claim that the new car petrol consumption is 14.50 km per litre on the average is acceptable. The critical value of Z at 5% level
of significance is 1.96.
5. Define Hypothesis. Explain various types of errors 15 in testing of Hypothesis. Describe various steps involved in the "Hypothesis Testing".


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