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MS-7 December, 2015

Term-End Examination
December, 2015
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100
(Weightage 70%)
Note : Answer any four questions. All questions carryequal marks.

1.(a) What is the purpose of a TPS ? How does itcompliment MIS in an organisation ?
   (b) Discuss some of the benefits of using a Firewall for the LAN.

2.(a)What are the various ways of assessing the value of information ? Explain any one method briefly.
   (b)What impact does the implementation of programmed decision - making have on the management system of an organisation ?

3. (a) Discuss the use of computers in decision - making for Human Resource Management.
    (b) Give reasons for the statement - "Information Systems Contribute to Total Quality Management".

4. (a) What is Outsourcing Information System ? List its advantages and disadvantages.
    (b) What are the phases of traditional system life cycle where users are highly involved ?

5.(a) What are expert systems ? Mention the working principles of expert systems.
   (b) In context of a data warehouse, what is a concept hierarchy ?

6.(a) Discuss the competitiveness of ICT with respect to modern business practices.
   (b)Highlight the impact of ICT for developing nations with respect to the economic activities.

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