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1. What is Image Stabilization ? Explain any one.
2.What is Back Story, how do you build a back
story ?
3. What is Dolly, explain how is it done ?
4.Describe Grayscale and Bitmap Mode
5.Explain what is Motion Tracking ?
6. Describe Chroma and cite a example for a Bollywood Film Explain Bitrate in Multimedia
7.What is Editing
8.Describe Hertz
9.. What are Mapping Coordinates ?
10. What is a Schematic View ?
11. Define Transform References.
12. Create a 3D Head with complete Texturing and 3Point Lighting.

13. Create a 3D Room with complete Texturing and Mood Lighting
14. What is a Bones System ?
15. Explain Inverse Kinematics
16. Explain the concept of Motion Flow in Character Studio.
17. Create a complete Biped Rig (With bones and IK) and create a 100 frame walk cycle.
18 Define NURBS.
19. What is the advantage of using Mudbox over regular 3D Modeling ?
20. What are Subdivision Surfaces ?
21. Create a Detailed 3D Head in grey (non-textured). Mudbox can be used for detailing.
22. Define Extreme Long Shot.

23. What makes a good Story ?
24. What is Lens in a camera
25. The process of Batch Rendering in After Effects.
26. The concept of Matte Painting.
27. Grayscale and Bitmap Mode.
28. Explain Non Linear Editing.
29. What is Audio Compression ?
30. Describe Hertz.

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