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ibo-02 dec-2014 paper


December, 2014
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 70%
Note : Attempt both Part-A and Part-B.
1. Write short notes on any two of the following :
(a) Product positioning in International Market
(b) Counter trade
(c) Franchising as a tool for overseas market entry
(d) Merger and Acquisition
2. Distinguish between any two of the following :
(a) International marketing and Multinational marketing
(b) Advertising and Personal selling
(c) Foreign distributor and Foreign retailer
(d) Observation method and Survey method of data collection
Attempt any four of the following questions :
3. (a) What are the specific advantages that a firm can derive by going international ?
(b) Why the task of the international marketer is more difficult than that of the domestic
marketer ?

4. "Product planning is one of the important fundamental decisions for successful international marketing".
(a) Discuss the various factors to be considered while designing a product for international markets.
(b) Explain the importance of new product development in international markets.
5. (a) What are the factors which determine pricing decisions in international markets ?
(b) Discuss the various pricing methods used in international marketing.
6. Discuss the various techniques of sales promotion in overseas markets
7. a) What are the factors that need to be considered before taking a decision on
whether to go for direct or indirect exports ?

b) What are the considerations to be kept in view for selecting an agent in the overseas markets ?

8. "One of the major challenges relates to the type of orientation that a firm should give to its overseas operations". In the light of the above statement discuss EPRG
orientation of a firm.
9. Discuss the emerging global competitive environment. Examine whether small enterprises have scope in this dynamic emerging global business environment.
in overseas markets.

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