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1 Mention the role played by seasonality in tourism Answer with examples?

2 Discuss the various types of accommodation used by toruists ?

3 Write an essay on subsidiary services in tourism?

4 Mention the threats and obstacles to tourism in India. Give examples also?

5 What role can the local bodies and officials play in tourism development at a destination ?

6 How is history used and misused in tourism?

7 Write about 300 words each on any two of the following :
(i) Relevance of maps in tourism
(ii) Role of media in tourism promotion
(iii) Social impacts of tourism

8 What do you understand by tourism system ? Mention the various forms of tourism?

9 How does a tour operator package a tour ? Prepare a two day itinerary of a package tour of your choice?

10 Mention with examples the skills required to be a tourist guide?

11 What do you mean by tourism ? Discuss the various types of tourism.

12 Write short notes on any two in about 200 words each
(a) Special Interest Tourism
(b) Alternative Tourism
(c) Silk route 
(d) Sustainable Tourism

13 What is tourism system ? Discuss its various components?

14 "In the recent past transport has become the back bone of Tourism". Discuss the statement with special reference to India?

15 What are the different subsidiary services involved in tourism ?
16 Define Guides and Escorts. For successful guiding what qualities are required ?

17 "India is a land of different Seasons". Discuss the potential of tourism with reference to Landscape, Environment and Ecology of India?

18 "Tourism Marketing is the base of tourism". Do you agree ? If yes, justify your answer.

19 Write a note on living culture and performing arts of India?

20 Discuss the Socio-Economic impacts of tourism?

21 Write an essayon historical evolution of tourism?

22 What are the various constituents of Tourism industry ? Describe their linkages.

23 Discuss the functions of a tour operator?

24 Write about 300 words each on any two of the following :
(a) Escorts
(b) Political impacts of Tourism
(c) Role of Performing Arts in Tourism

25 Define the following in about 100 words each :
(a) Promotional events
(b) Market research
(c) Product life cycle
(d) Travel Agency

26 Write an essay on informal services in Tourism?

27 Discuss the sources of information needed for tourism business?

28 Write an essay on India's Biodiversity ?

29 \tVhat is the role of Monuments and Museums in tourism ?

30 Mention the infrastructure required for tourism development?

31 Explain the term "Tourism" and describe the various purposes which motivates people to indulge in Tourism activities ?

32 Why is it necessary for a tourism professional to obtain knowledge about regulations related to Tourism ? Describe any four important regulations related to the travel trade.

33 Discuss the need and importance for Tourism statistics. Explain briefly the various statistical means for assessing and comparing tourism sector data ?

34 Describe the major characteristics of a service product. What are the steps involved in developing a service product ?

35 Write short notes in about 150 words each (any four of the following) : 
(a) Types of tourist Accommodation units in India.
(b) Seasonality in Tourism
(c) Guides and Escorts
(d) Role of media in Tourism Promotion 
(e) Travel writing

36 Discuss the various operating functions of a Travel Agency. Also establish linkages between Travel Agencies and Tour Operation companies?

37 Elaborate the various steps in the Tourism Planning Process and discuss the role of Local Bodies in the development of Tourism at destinations.

38 Answer any two in about 300 words each : 
(a) Why do personnels in the Tourism Industry need to have a pleasing personality and
(b) good communication skills ? Identify and discuss the role of subsidiary services in Tourism.
(c) Mention the relationship and interdependence of infrastructure development and tourism.

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