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1 Discuss the relevance of marketing in tourism Answer with examples?

2 What do you understand by international tourism markets ? Mention about some tourism markets for India.

3 Write an essay on socially responsible marketing Give examples also ?

4 What do you understand by product designing in tourism ? Can every tourism resource be treated as a tourism product ?

5 What is marketing ? How would you make a marketing plan for a travel agency ?

6 Discuss the emerging trends in domestic tourism?

7 What do you mean by marketing research ? Why is it important in tourism business ?

8 "Tourism will not flourish unless local bodies are involved in the profit sharing". Comment ?

9 Write a note on social marketing ?

10 Describe tourism product. What elements should you consider while designing a tourism product ?

11 Discuss the 4 P's of Marketing Mix. Why do we need a fifth 'P' (People) ?

12 "India is a paradise for Culture lovers". As a marketer how can you get advantage of this perception ?

13 Discuss the challenges and problems faced by the tourists in the sphere of accommodation?

14 Discuss the functions of a tour operator ?

15 Discuss the main features of the tourism marketing. How would you make a plan for a
travel agency ? Explain.

16 What do you mean by market segmentation ? Discuss the basis for segmentation in tourism marketing.
17 What are the strategic options available to a marketeer to fight the competition ? Discuss.

18 Discuss the importance of technology in tourism trade?

19 What aspects would you consider important while developing a tourist transport product ?

20 What is alternative accofiunodation ? Discuss the salient features of alternative accommodation.

21 What is Destination Marketing ? Suggest a marketing strategy to market India

22 Write a note on trade fares and travel marts?.

23 What are the components of Tourism marketing Explain ?

24 Discuss the Concept of socially Responsible Marketing applicable to tourism business ?

25 "Marketing starts with consumer and ends with consumer". Discuss with special reference to tourism business?

26 Why market segmentation is important ? Discuss the basis of market segmentation.

27 Discuss the major foreign tourist generating markets for India?

28 "Cuisine has a prominent role in tourism promotion". Discuss ?

29 Discuss the role of events and activities in tourism marketing ?

30 "Marketing Research (MR) is the key to success".Discuss the statement in the changing scenario How MR helps the business man ?

31 Write short notes on any two about 300 words each :
(a) Public organisations
(b)Role of Local Bodies
(c) Role of NGOs
(d) Social marketing

32 Describe the contents of tourism marketing mix?

33 What are FAM Tours ? Discuss the importance of FAM tours in tourism industry.

34 Discuss the role of commissions in tourism marketing ?

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