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Ms-21 june 2007

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MS-21    June, 2007



1. Describe  different  sources of  power  and  discuss its dynamics  in  an organisatioh,  with relevant  examples.

2.  What  is  motivation  ?  Discuss  the  Maslow's  and McClelland's  theories  of  motivation  and their  relevance  in the  present  day  context.

3. Discuss  the importance  of counselling  in  organisations  and discuss the  ethical  issues involved  in  counselling in organisations.

4-  Describe  various  roles  in  group process  and discuss  how group effectiveness  can  be increased.

5-  write  short  notes  on any three  of the following  :

(i)  Cross-culture  differences

(ii)  Role  of leader  in Team-Building

(iii)  Halo  effect  and  Stereotyping

(iv)  Barriers  to  communication

(v)  Process  of conflict


6-  Read  the following  case  carefully  and  answer  the questions given  at the end.

Anju  and  Ria  are  two  sisters  and the  daughters  of Mr.  o.P.  Sharma  and Shama  Sharma.  Mr.  Sharma  is a well  known  advocate  practising  in  Surat (Gujarat  State), while  shama  sharma  is  a  housewife.  Right  from childhood,  the two  sisters  had shown  different  personality traits.  Anju was  an introvert,  quiet,  did not  express  much

and  was  always  involved  in  doing  her  own  things.  By contrast Ria  was a  typical  extrovert  always  speaking her mind, bubbling  with enthusiasm,  sociable.  Though  Ria

was usually  the  centre  of  attraction  at  social  events  and gatherings,  Mr.  and Mrs. Sharma   never  differentiated  or favoured  any one child.  Mr. Sharma  was  very busy  in  his professional  life  and  so  management  of  the  house and family  was totally  Mrs. Sharma's  priority/concern. Mrs. Sharma  was  very clear  in  her belief  that  if  one wants  anything,  nothing  is  impossible  and  also nothing  can  come  in  the  way  of  achieving  that something.  Mrs. Sharma  was responsible  in  shaping  her childrens'  aspirations.  She  always  encouraged  her daughters  to  pursue  their  dreams  by  overcoming obstacles.  Anju completed  her M.Sc.  in Microbiology  and left  for  the  U.S.,  to  study  as a  research  scholar  in  her area  of  specialisation.  Ria  after  graduation,  did  her  M.B.A.  from  one  of  the  premier  institutes  and through campus recruitment  was  placed in  an  MNC  'TCOLEE LTD.'  This company  also  had  a competitive  culture  which suited Ria's  personality.  Her  former  colleagues  used to say  "Ria  was  unafraid  to  speak  her mind and always  had an  inner  drive  to  seek  greater  responsibilities  and promotions."  Recognising her  talent,  the  company promoted  her as  a team  facilitator,  within one and a half years,  and  sent her  to  their  Singap  ore branch, where 150 persons  were  employed.  Within a few  months  in  her new  position, Ria  realised  that  her  immediate  superior Rajesh's  personality  was very different from  that  of  her former  boss. Rajesh  believed  that  situations  determined behaviour  and  in  case  of  situational  requirement  would hire  persons  at  random and then  structure  the  situation accordingly.  As a result,  Ria noticed  that members  of  her team  were  finding  it  difficult  to  work  together.  She realised  that it  was  a classic  case  of  personality  conflict  as they (team  members)  didn't like  each  other and this could prove to  be disruptive

Ria called  the  team members  and gave  them  a  time frame  within which  they  had  to  work things  out. she was very  firm  when she  spoke  to  the team  members.  "l  have communicated  to  you  all  about  the  problems  your behaviour  is  causing,  but I  hope  you realise  that  the work has to  be  completed  in  the  required  time  irrespective  of how  you  get along."  But  even alter  another  six months,

    Ria  realised that  the  team  was  still  not  working  well together, the  productivity  was inadequate  and the  morale was  also  low.  Ria  thought  "l  know  I  have  to  do

something  because  it  is  affecting  their work.  "  After  a  lot of  introspection,  Ria decides  that  the  best  way of  solving the  problem  was  by  simply  dissolving  the  team  and placing  its  members elsewh  ere  rather  than  trying  to determine  who was right or  wrong.


(a)  What  could  be  the  key  determinants involved  in shaping  Ria's  personality  ?

(b)  There  is  a  popular  saying  'When  the  going  gets tough,  the tough  get going'.  In  Ria's  case,  what  are the  implications  of  the  goal  orientation exhibited, and why ?

(c)  If  you  are  asked  to  select  candidates  for  developing  a team at Ria's office,  what traits  will you look  out for in  prospective  employees  ? Why ?

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