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Ms-22 dec 2008

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MS-22    Dec, 2008



1. What  are 3 Ss  of  Organisational Development ? Discuss  the  Competency  Based  Organisational Development  System,  with  suitable  examples.


2. What  are  the  important  guidelines  fot implementing  Organisational  Development  ? Discuss  the  process  of  Internal  Self-Renewal Facilitator  in  the  Organisation.

3. Which  factors  are  importantin  designing  a  Reward System  ?  Discuss  the  dimensions  of  "What  to Reward" and "How  to  Rewatd", with  examples.

4. Define  globalisation, and  global  corporations. Discuss  various Organisation Structures  in  the context  of global  operations  of  organisations,  with examples.

5. Write short  notes  on any three  of the  following  :

(a)  Cognitive Age

(b)  HRD in Voluntary  Organisation

(c)  Chief  Knowledge  and  Chief  Learning Managers

(d)  Diversity  and Membership

(e)  Coaching  Process


6. Please  read  the  case  and  answer  the  questions  glven at  the  end.

"AMBER  PHARMACEUTICALS' In  a pharma  company manufacturing and marketing  drugs  and  medicines,  the  research  staff has developed  a number  of  new  products and formulations  which are  effective. But  at  the  same time  it  has to  meet severe  competition  from stalwarts  with foreign  collaboration.  Mr. Shah,  the Vice President  Marketing,  has a very  successful Pharma  Marketing background. He  has  been  with the  company  for  the  past  4 years.  Mr.  Shah  had made ambitious plans for  capturing a sizeable share  of  the  market  in  Gujarat.  The  company  being medium  sized,  Mr.  Shah  had kept his marketing department  and  the  marketing  team  lean  and  trim. The  field  sales  staff  was given aggressive  targets and  were  virtually  pushed  to  reach  the  respective targets.  The  field staff  worked to  their  best  abilities to  complete  their  respective  targets.  Mr. Shah  had himself been  working  almost 11-12  hours a day. There  was  no  formal  appraisal  and  reward  system in the  company. During  last  5  years  more  than  60 Medical  Representatives  and  Area  Supervisors  had left  the  company  due  to  unsatisfactory  increments and  promotions.  Those  who left  the  company  were  star workers.  But  lvfr. Shah did  not  care  for  this high  turnover.  He  was  over  confident  that  he would  be able to  hire  freshers  and  also select candidates who  were  not  happy  with  their remuneration  in  their  respective  companies.  Mr. Shah had  never  communicated  to  the  field  sales staff  about  their  performance  or  reasons  for  not recognising  their outstanding performance  in a  few cases.  There  was  on  the  whole great  dissatisfaction and good perforrners were leaving  the  company.


(t)  What  do you  perceive is  the  basic problem in 'AMBER'?

(b)  What  are the  steps  you  will  take  serially  to correct the  situation  ?

c)  In  the  event  of  your  suggesting  a Performance  Appraisal  System  :

(i)  How will you  decide a suitable system, of appraisal ?

(ii)  Will  your  system  include  merit, rewards  and promotions  ?

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