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Ms-25 dec 2009

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MS-25   Dec-2009


1. Can organisational change be brought about by changing organisational roles ? Can modified organisational roles increase individual's involvement and organisational effectiveness ? Explain with the help of various determinants of Role Efficacy.

2.What is Planned Change ? Briefly describe the interdependence between Organisation

Development, Action Research, and the intervention model. Explain with example.

3. Define group based approaches to change. Enumerate various group based approaches to change and discuss with examples Sensitivity Training and Team Building with suitable examples.

4.Describe Organisational Diagnosis. Briefly discuss the framework and key features of Open System Analysis model.

5. Write short notes an any three of the following :

a) Managing Resistance

b) Weisboard's Six Box Model

c) Need for indegenous management in

d) Developing Countries

e) Managing Transition

(f) Behaviour Modeling

6. Read the following case carefully and answer the questions given at the end.

XYZ Educational Trust, Bangalore, established XYZ Electronics Centre, in 1986, with assistance from a foreign donor. Electronics Centre was set up to train youngsters in electronics. Along with the Centre, a production shop to manufacture PCBs and a laboratory to develop projects on a commercial basis were also set up. The donor preferred XYZ Trust because of its excellent track record as a training institution in India. The Centre was fully funded by the donor. Ghosh, a B.Tech. from IIT, Madras, was designated as General Manager of the Centre. He was earlier Maintenance Manager in Tool Room Division run by the Trust. Ghosh developed excellent rapport with the donor.

Often, the Trust used to divert funds from the Centre to tide over cash flow problems. The donor expected to hand over the Centre to the Trust for running on a self-sufficiency basis from April, 1995. It was also contemplating on a further phase of cooperation. The donor even had plans to strengthen the Trust by providing funds and other inputs for which purpose a group of consultants was sent to study and recommend.

   Findings of the consultants were not palatable to the Trust, nor was it in a mood to

implement the recommendations. In the meanwhile, the Trust decided to reorganise its

activities — retaining Centre under its fold and transferring production shop and laboratory to a newly floated limited company. These developments irritated the donor and his relationship with the Trust got soured. Trust also felt that Ghosh was more tilting towards the donor and was trying to bring in to the Centre a culture which was alien to the Trust. After splitting the activities, the Trust introduced certain changes in the Centre. One such change was to direct the Centre to report to Sethi, the Executive Director (Training) of the Trust, reversing the earlier practice of reporting to the MD.

Ghosh had joined the Trust six months after Sethi. He became GM, Electronics Centre much ahead of Sethi. However, Sethi overtook Ghosh and became Executive Director in 1994. Ghosh remained as GM of the Centre. Now Ghosh was required to report to Sethi. When Ghosh had gone abroad, organisational changes were effected. After returning from abroad, Ghosh learnt about the change, rushed to the MD and expressed his utter displeasure. He was persuaded by the MD to accept the change in the interest of

the organisation.

             Sethi being an experienced administrator and knowing Ghosh's displeasure, kept distances in the management of the Centre. His intention was to wait till Ghosh reconciled and accepted the reality. Ghosh was deliberately avoiding Sethi and was not even answering phone calls.

           Within a month's time, Ghosh put in his papers. The MD was very much annoyed by Ghosh's behaviour and also based on the lingering suspicion he had on Ghosh's loyalty to the Trust, he immediately relieved him without even waiting for the notice period.

Questions :

a) What prompted the 'changes' at XYZ Electronics Centre ?

b) What would have been your strategy to implement change at the Trust ?

(c) Suppose you are the new incumbent unit head at XYZ Electronics Centre, how would you restore morale and build trust of the employees ? Draw up a short term and long term O.D. Plan.

(d) Bring out the effect of credibility, loyalty and communication in XYZ Electronics Centre having reached its present status.

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