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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 12:05

IB0-04 June, 2013 Export - Import Procedures and Documentation

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June, 2013

IB0-04 : Export - Import Procedures and Documentation

1. What is the legal framework in terms of major acts governing foreign trade of India ? Discuss macro general provisions related to exports under the foreign trade policy.

2. What do you mean by Electronic Data Interchange ? How can you develop an EDI plan for your organisation ? Discuss in detail.

3. Explain the provisions related to regulation and management of foreign exchange under the exchange control regulations.

4. (a) Describe the basic principles of ECGC operation.

(b) Explain the procedure and documentation requirements for making a claim from ECGC.

5. Do you think that the insurance contract is in the nature of indemnity ? Discuss and explain various kinds of perils under cargo insurance with suitable examples.

6. Describe the procedure for customs clearance of exports cargo by sea along with the documentation formalities.

7. Explain various promotional measures for expansion of production base for exports.

8. Write short notes on any two of the following :

(a) Role of Export Import Bank of India

(b) Procedure for shipment of Export Cargo by Post Parcel

(c) ISO 9000

(d) Fiscal Incentives for export promotion 

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