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IBO-06 December, 2012 International Business Finance

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December, 2012

IBO-06 : International Business Finance

1.  What are the salient features of the present day International Monetary System ? Critically examine their suitability from the view point of developing countries.

2.  Discuss the concept of disequilibrium in balance of payments. What are the measures usually adopted to restore the equilibrium ? Explain.

3.  Write a note on organization and structure of Foreign Exchange Markets in India, bringing out the changes since 1991.

4.  What is Transaction Exposure ? Name the different methods of hedging transaction exposure and explain in detail any one  of them.

5.  Explain the concept of Transfer Pricing. Why do the TNCs resort to such a practice and why are the governments against it ? Discuss in detail.

6.  Explain the CAPM model in relation to cost of  capital.

7.  What is involved in assessment and management  of political risks ? Discuss adopting a step by step approach.

8.  Differentiate between :

(a)  (i)  balance of trade and balance of  payments.

(ii) Spot and forward rates.

(b)  Purchasing Power Parity theory and Interest Rate Parity theory.

9.  Write short notes on any Two of the following :

(a)  Special Drawing Rights

(b)  Currency Options

(c)  International Development Association

(d)  Counter trade 

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