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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 12:33

MCO-01 June, 2013 Organisation Theory and Behaviour

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June, 2013

MCO-01 : Organisation Theory and Behaviour

1. (a) Discuss the importance of Organisation. 

(b) Critically examine the systems theory of Organisation.

2. (a) Explain the classical conditioning theory of learning.

(b) How can you apply social learning theory for change of behaviour ?

3. What is stress ? Discuss consequences of stress in an Organisation with suitable examples.

4. What do you mean by conflict ? Explain the levels of conflict in an organisation with suitable examples.

5. (a) Discuss the objectives of organisational development.

(b) Describe various steps involved in organisational development process.

6. Distinguish between financial motivators and non - financial motivators. Discuss the managerial approaches to motivate employees with suitable examples.

7. (a) Discuss various approaches of team building in an organisation.

(b) Explain the effective and ineffective styles of leadership.

8. Write notes on any two of the following :

(a) Process of formation of attitude

(b) Determinants of personality

(c) Informal communication

(d) Functions of organisational culture 

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