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MC0-06 June, 2013 Marketing Management

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June, 2013

MC0-06 : Marketing Management

1. What is marketing information system ? Explain the major components of marketing information system.

2. (a) State the requirements of an effective market segmentation.

(b) "Marketers use a number of alternative bases for positioning their products". Explain

these bases briefly.

3. Differentiate between product mix and product line. Discuss various product mix and product line strategies adopted by marketers.

4. Explain basic methods of price determination. 

5. (a) Explain briefly the various product-mix pricing strategies adopted by marketers.

(b) "Marketing communication plays an important role in company's overall marketing process". Comment.

6. (a) Identify various challenges faced by marketers in rural marketing.

(b) Briefly explain different budgeting methods under top-down approach.

7. Explain various steps involved in the personal selling process.

8. Channels of distribution are different for different products. Explain with reasons.

9. (a) State various types of buying behaviour situations.

(b) Define marketing and explain its implications for an emerging economy like India

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