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(1) Distinguish between a ductile and a brittle material. Give examples of ductile and brittle materials.

(2) Describe the procedure for finding Rockwell hardness.

(3) Describe the process of steel making with direct arc electric furnace.

(4)What are the distinguish features of eutectoid, hypo-eutectoid and hyper eutectoid steels ?

(5) What is stainless steel ? Mention those properties which distinguish stainless steel from plain carbon steel

(6) Define thermal conductivity. Give units of thermal conductivity. Explain mechanism of thermal conduction through materials.

(7) Define refractoriness. List at least five refractory materials. Describe the properties of refractory materials.

(8) What is a glass ? What are different types of glasses ? What are tailor made glass properties ?

(9) Define the term lubricant and describe the functions of lubricants.

(10) Define the term coating. What are the purposes of coatings ? Explain.

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