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Marketing management

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Marketing management question bank


Q 1. What is product life cycle? Explain its various stages

Q 2: Write Short not on Elements of Marketing Mix

Q. 3 Write Short note on Advertising and Publicity

Q.4 Discribe the functions of Packaging

Q.5 Write Short note on

(1)Factors influencing consumer behaviour

Q.6 Middlemen are Parasites  This Charge has been made by many over the centuries. Is thus likely to be case in a competitive economic system? why or why not?

Q. 7 What are  the bases for market segmentation ?

Q. 8 what is brand? What distinct advantages do companies get from branding?

Q.9 Write Short note on full cost pricing and triangular cost pricing.

Q.10 write short note on retailing)

Q. 11 write a short notes on secondary data and its resources

Q.12 What are the determinants of the promotion Mix? Explain

Q.13. Write Short note on Sales Promotion

Q. 14 Write a short note on Family brand and individual brand

Q. 15 Write short note on recruitment and selection of Sales man. [Faculty notes]

Q. 16 What are the steps in the consumer decision making products? Do all consumerdelusions in value these steps?

Q. 17. You are the marketing manger of a medium-sized manufacturing company. The president has just made the following statement: The distribution activity is not a concern of the marketing department is to sell the product- let the rest of the company handle production and distribution; How would you reply to this statement? Discuss whether you are agree or disagree with the statement and justify your answer

Q.18. Marketing management is the process of scanning the environment, analysing marketing opportunities, designing marketing strategies and then effectively implementing and controlling marketing practices. Discuss

Q.19 Write short note one:-

  1. 1. Mark up pricing


Q 20 Write short note on Product mix

Q.21 (a) Discuss fully the Stimulus Response Theory or Socio-Cultural Theory ofConsumer Behaviour

Q22. Write short notes on significance of marketing research.

Q.23 What is umbrella brand? Distinguish between brand extension strategy and multibrand strategy.

Q.24. Explain Hierarchy of Effects?

Q.25 What are the various methods for forecasting the sales of a new product.

Q.26  Marketing is a system of integrated business activates designed to develop strategic plans (in the form of marketing mixes) leading to the satisfaction of customer want of selected market segments. Explain.

Q.27 Explain some of the sales promotion methods directed at consumers.

Q.28 (a) Explain the accepts of marketing which are sought to be regulated under theConsumer Protection Act,

Q.29 Write short note on Direct Distribution

Q.30 what are channels of distribution? What channels of distribution would you suggest for marketing.

(i) Canned Food

(ii) Bicycles

(iii) Pens

(iv) Fertilizers

Q.31 Advertising and sales promotion are complementary to personal selling as tools of promotion. Comment

Q. 32 (a) What is Penetration Pricing? Describe the situations where penetration pricing is suitable.

Q 33. Discuss the role of marketing in the following context :

  1. Branded packaged product
  2. Social marketing program\

Q 34. Explain segmentation as a tool for market penetration. Discuss the bases of segmentation for the following products (i) Frost free refrigerators

(Ii) Branded atta


Q 35. List out and discuss some major sources of secondary data. What constraints marketers encounter in using secondary data in marketing decision making?

Q 36. Understanding the consumer post purchase evaluation process is important to marketers,             why ? How can marketers control cognitive dissonance? [Faculty notes]

Q 37. Packaging has a direct bearing on the consumer buying behaviour. How and why?

Q38.Distinguish transactional marketing Vs cyber marketing.

Q 39. Discuss in detail the various costs associated with the physical distribution.

Q 40. Specify both the internal and external challenges faced by Indian firms while pricing their products.

Q 41. What unique characteristics make services different from tangibles. Explain. What are the implications of these characteristics in designing a suitable business strategy?

Q42.  What do you understand from Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) strategies? What are its merits and demerits for the marketers?

Q 43. What is marketing research. ? Discuss its scope in accomplishing the marketing goal of profit maximization set by the firm. Explain with suitable examples.

Q44 criticaly evaluate the promotional packaging techniques being offered by any 3consumer non-durables of your choice.




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