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1.How 1egal reporting is different from general news reporting?

2.What are the basics of a good news script in Radio ?

3. To be a successful reporter one must possess some essential qualities. Enumerate and explain

4. What are the essential elements of court reporting ? How is it different from other catagories of reporting ? Explain.

5. What is the difference between hard and soft

news ? Explain news values with examples.

6. What is a News feature ? Explain the techniques of good writing.

7. How do the multi-edition newspapers affect small newspapers in India ? Explain with examples.

8. Do you think that television news channels are functioning irresponsibly ?

9. What is editing ? Explain the duties of a chief sub editor

10. Discuss the differences in designing a magazine and a broadsheet daily

11. Explain Changing patterns of lay out and design in newsPapers.

12. Discuss the essential qualities and responsibilities of a reporter.

13. Explain the essentials Of a goOd lead and enumerate THE different types of leads ?

14. What is the importance of sources in news gathering process ?

15. Discuss the Inverted Pyramid style and explain its relevance in news writing.

16. explain Importance of layout and design in a newspaper

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