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Ms-10 june 2009

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MS-10   june, 2009


1. Describe the importance of organizational diagnosis and different perspectives which could be used for analysing organisations and their purpose.

2. Discuss the various approaches in understanding organisation.

3. Explain the factors for an effective job design. Describe any two approaches to job design and their merits and demerits.

4. Discuss various steps involved in phases of planned change and their relevance

J. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Skills of a change agent.

(b) Matrix organisations.

(c) Stages in organisation Development.

(d) Task force.

(e) MacDonaldisation.

6. Read the following case carefully and answer the questions given at the end.

Mr. Krishna Rao was utterly baffled. He took over office four months ago and has since initiated. several changes all of which are good. His main intentions in making the changes were that the office should look more professional and the employees should be facilitated to become productive without making them work too hard. The office now indeed looks more spacious with the new layout, and in fact, his colleagues from the other departments who pass by comment on how nice and professional the office looked ! Mr. Rao had put the secretaries' desks close to their bosses' cabins so that they did not have to walk up and down all the time. Previously, they were huddled together in the secretaries' pool, and whenever they had to take dictation which was several times a day they had to walk quite a bit.

He also purchased new calculating machines for the department which are quick, efficient, and accurate, so that the assistants now do their calculations without making mistakes. In fact, he had just placed an order for a high-speed computer

which would take away the boredom and monotony of all the laborious human calculations and would be a boon to all. Actually, once the computer is installed, the managers will not have to be dependant on the lower level staff. Whatever statistics or information the managers need, the computer will generate the data in no time at all. And the computer manufacturer was going to offer free programming sessions for all those who wanted to attend them. Manuals will also be made available to all the staff. It was the best of all possible worlds for the entire department and Mr.Rao could not understand why the staff were not more enthusiastic and some acfually seemed rather unhappy.

Questions :

(a) Identify the problems in this case.

(b) what kind of changes were prescribed by Mr.Rao and why ?

(c) Discuss why the changes did not produce the desired results in this situation.

(d) If you were Mr.Rao, how you would have handled the situation ?

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