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Annamalai hr assignments second year

1. The issues that arise in consultant-client relationship are preventable? How?
2. "Change does not occur in a vacuum" Discuss the factors operating both within
and outside the organisation.
3. Change is a process that can be enabled, not managed. Discuss.
4. T-Groups are probably the oldest OD intervention but still now we are using it
why? Substantiate your views?
1. Devise a development program for the managerial personnel of an MNC
2. Identify the procedures and their pitfalls for the effective implementation of MDP
in organizations and suggest suitable measure to avoid pitfalls.
3. Discuss the training methods available for the development of various skills of
Public Sector employees with suitable illustrations.
4. Examine the training evaluation practices in Indian industries.
1. Discuss the legal provisions governing sanitary and hygiene facilities under the
factories Act.1948.
2. Explain the milestones in the development of labour welfare in India.
3. Discuss "arising out of and in course of employment" as used in Workmen's
Compensation Act.1923.
4. What are the measures that can be taken to improve the working conditions?
Quote an example of a large industrial unit.
1. Sketch the existing models of Workers Participation in Management followed in
Indian industries? Critically evaluate and identify their limitations and suggest
suitable measures to overcome it.
2. “Trade unions are inevitable for Industrial democracy” – Comment on this
statement with regard to its principles and functions.
3. Critically assess the administrative machinery set up by Central and State
Governments for resolving industrial disputes in India. How far it is effective?
Bring out your suggestions to make them more effective?
4. With recent examples, explicate the collecting bargaining practices followed in
Indian Public sectors. How far it differs from Private Sectors?
1. Is wage paid to the person for the job done by him or for the designation what he
holds? Examine this statement with the help of the evidences from industry.
2. “Equal pay for equal job”. Do you agree with this statement? Justify your stand
by quoting examples from the pay structures of State and Central Governments
for the same job.
3. Why does collective bargaining fail in most of the time? Identify the reasons for
the failure and suggest fruitful measures to make the collective bargaining
4. Do fringe benefits motivate the employees to enhance productivity? If yes, quote
few examples from Government and Private sector companies. If not, identify the
rationale behind offering such fringe benefits.
1. Trace the path taken from organizational resources and organizational behavior
to the development of strategic advantage.
2. In what way can timing and competitor reaction be crucial for a strategic choice?
3. Congruence and co-ordination among strategies should take place through
vertical and horizontal fit. Explain.
4. Companies should evaluate performance on the basis of a combination of
quantitative and qualitative criteria. Why? Discuss.
1. Give a detailed presentation on designing, developing and deploying the on-line
business system for textile industry.
2. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce in Indian Software
3. “EDI is not especially complex or convoluted, but many EDI projects fail when
responsibility is thrust wholly on the IT staff”. Discuss in detail.
4. Globalization has put increased pressure on organizations to operate at entirely
new level of effectiveness. This can be managed through application of BPR tools
to reduce procedures and the use of IT for effective decision-making. Present
your perspectives elaborately.
1. Consider the following research questions,
(a) How do the minority groups at a certain university view the students
counseling program?
(b) Examine the relationship between intelligence and creativity among the
(i) The type of research that would best answer the question
(ii) An appropriate sampling method
(iii) The best method of collecting the data.
2. Discuss the role of Regression analysis in business and industry. How are
Regression Coefficients helpful in analysing the Regression lines?
3. The mean weekly sales of soap bars in department stores was 146.3 bars per
store. After an advertising campaign, the mean weekly sales in 22 stores for a
typical week was increased to 153.7 and showed a standard deviation of 17.2.
Was the advertising campaign successful?
4. Prepare questionnaire for the following research problem.
“Identify the factors influencing recently married couples striking a divorce”

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